I Never Really Worked At Friendly's.

So, here is the thing about being a college student and being (essentially) broke: a job, any job, will do. Because there comes a time when money is just money and you will do anything for it.

But here is the thing about jobs: not all jobs are created (or executed) equally.

The (fabulous-awesome-no-really-I-actually-totally-love-it) place where I have worked for the last five years is more than second nature to me. I could do the work with my eyes closed. So naturally, when I went to begin training at my new job I was nervous, but prepared for the differences (or so I thought.)

A little back story: I am a huge fan of Friendly's. Huge. Because there is NOTHING in the Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee regions of New Hampshire. However there is a Friendly's. Now, as a milkshake addict (some people smoke, I like milkshakes, a lot) I need to be able to get a damn good milkshake fairly quickly. At school, Friendly's is my only honest option. At home, I often enjoy a basket of chicken strips and fries from my local Friendly's. Point being- yes, I like the place.

So, a while back, I went into my local Friendly's to pick up a shake and some fries. I happened to know someone working behind the counter and asked her, 'Hey, how do you like working here, I mean, is it good?' After all, I live in a small town and was going to need a job ASAP once I got home. She praised the place ('Love it! So fun! The people are great!') So, I began to consider it. They were obviously hiring, as there were applications on the front counter. She brings over her manager and says, 'You should totally hire this girl, she's great.' What does do? Hands me a pen and says, 'Fill that application out and we'll talk in a minute.'

Long story not so short, I filled out the application, he called ten minutes later. I was hired. I went in a the start of this month and was set to start training on the 12th.

Well, you know what people always say about where they work (especially restaurants?) You'd never want to eat/go/stay/be there again if you knew what really went on? Yeah, that's the story here.

I have never been so appalled by a group of people in a work place. They cussed at each other. Picked fights with the management. Ate in front of customers. Didn't wash their hands or wear gloves when handling food. I was disgusted and I knew by the end of day one there was no stinking way I was going to be able to work there.

So I quit. I had never quit from anywhere before. I had never had the need, nor the desire. I thought I would be peeing my pants in fear by the time I walked in there to talk to the manager on duty. But no, I was perfectly good. And when I walked out? I felt amazing. Liberated. Adult-like. Badass.

I know that I will surely be faced with a similar situation somewhere down the line, and maybe it won't be such a breeze. Maybe because I will have worked there longer than three days. But I think I'll be okay. Granted, I was hoping to gain more from Friendly's than life experience, like say some money, but this will do. Because God knows I need some life experience.

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