Jodi Picoult Makes Dreams Come True, Or Just Fuels Their Fire

I went to a Jodi Picoult reading on Tuesday night. It was actually my third Picoult reading, and I could not have been more thrilled.

(Have you picked up her newest book? It's "Lone Wolf," and y'all, it is classically phenomenal Picoult.)

I was supposed to go with a friend, plans changed last minute, and I ended up driving to Concord alone. I was not jazzed to be going alone, but I was not missing this for anything. Parking was a nightmare, as apparently every 20-65 year old female in New Hampshire planned on attending. But, by the grace of...someone, I had an empty seat on either side of me, and I was right up front.

If you have never been to a Picoult tour event, this is how it goes: she reads a bit of her newest book, she talks a bit about writing this newest novel, the research process, the story behind her motivation, you know, the good stuff, and then she takes questions.

Now, the two previous times I have been to see Jodi were at a very (very) small event. The room held maybe 45 or 50 people. This was so different, being that it was held in a packed theater...I'm guessing maybe 300 people, maybe a bit less. But still, loads.

So, with this sort of new-lease-on-life-through-maturity-and-happiness thing that I am doing, I had been thinking about a question to ask for a few days. And, I swear, it was fate-like, so few people got up to ask questions (AT A MIC IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY) that I knew, I had to.

I did too. I went up and asked Jodi Picoult a question, in front of everybody, about my goal. It was...surreal. I stood there and she answered me in the most heartfelt, honest, thorough, writer-like, way. When I walked away, I could not stop smiling because one thing, the thing that has been most hazy through these last two years became really clear: I'm doing the right thing.

I am going to write a book.
I am going to publish a book.
I am going to do this. Because I so can.

I didn't stop smiling, as more people asked questions, as the session closed and we all flooded down to get our newest books signed, when walking to my car, and driving through Concord to grab myself a celebratory smoothie. That smile never faded. (Celebrating my happy-proud-YES! breakthrough moment. Obviously.)

I am still thinking about it. It was really magical. I have people that I like, people that impress me, but it became so completely clear last night, that as heroes go, she is mine. All the way.

If you ever, ever, ever, even have a slim chance to meet someone that does for you what Jodi does for me, by God, do it.

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