I am exhausted.

That is it. That is where I am at. I am working all day, every day.

I am on my feet. I am moving. And holy moly, I am working. 

But here is the thing, Miss Vermont is in just two weeks.

So I'm also nervous, and anxious, and excited. While being exceptionally exhuasted. Which does not leave time for much. Much writing, much relaxing, much more than falling into bed as soon as my day is over.

That, I don't love. 

However, in two weeks. Just two. I will be making one more change. A big one. Win or lose. 

So, here I am. 





A bit dehydrated.

But totally stoked.

And thinking that so far this summer is so not what I had expected, and trying to be so okay with that.

So, how much of that made sense? Ramble much? Maybe. Definitely. 

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