Friday Favorites

Well, well, well... now, what about trying this again? I say yes! (And since I make the rules around here, yes it is!)

Favorite Cover:

I found - or rather almost stumbled over this gem... Miley Cyrus' cover of "Jolene" and fell head over heels with it. "Jolene" happens to be one of my most favorite songs, with loads of silly family memories  tacked to it, so this soulful and truly awesome cover was quite literally music to my ears.

Favorite Application:

Thank you Tumblr, for this little find. Please, feel free to fill this out and send it back my way. I'll be sure to consider every applicant seriously.

Favorite Reminder:

As I work through this new year with all it's changing glory, I will remember this and let it help me...keep things balanced. (In finding this, I found Emily Ley's wonderful blog and shop - such a treat!)

Favorite Recipe:

While I have yet to try to make these tasty treats (which happen to be my all-time favorite food,) I am loving this recipe. The photos, the GIFs - it's ridiculously easy to follow. Which is wonderful, considering how terribly frustrating croissants are to make.

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