Friday Favorites

This week was scores better than last which all sorts of trying, frustrating, and mostly stressful and sad.

So this week I have favorites, because sometimes you just gotta keep on having that faith and fearlessness...

Favorite Pin:

I don't know about you, but I spend a lot of time on Pinterest when I'm trying to boost my own morale. This week I found this, a nice reminder that was so needed, and so grounding:

Favorite Treat:

As I headed back here to school on a not-so-bright, but very early Monday, I stopped by my favorite local coffee shop. (Capitol Grounds, for those in or near by Montpelier.) And though I am a loyal Raspberry Mocha Latte girl, I had thought of something special I wanted to try a couple nights earlier. So, I went for it. And guys, it was divine.

I had a Coco Mo' Latte... or rather a Coconut Mocha Latte. It was the perfect treat to get me on my feet and back to school. 

Favorite Breakthrough/Revelation/Oh My God Moment:

On Sunday I was delighted to join in on another one of the Miss Vermont Scholarship Organization's development workshops. As a preliminary titleholder, (that's right, I am Miss Central Vermont 2013 this year, and very proud of it) I attend these workshops to gain ideas, training, and yes some chutzpa before the competition in June. 

During this workshop I was honored to work with an excellent talent coach (and an incredibly supportive group of teens, and even Mama Connor) on my talent for this coming June. I had been on the fence previously, but through my work with this group, not only was I able to solidify my choice, I was able to really see how great this piece would be. 

I am so thrilled to be able to present this new piece this year, and so happy to have had that moment this past week.

And let us all cross our fingers that this coming week will be more like this one, you know, not so sad and stressful, and yuck. 

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