A "Useless" Major

I am 3/4 of the way through earning a degree in Creative Writing.

And I am not kidding.

I am fully aware of the stigma attached to any true liberal arts degree. I am also fully aware of the skills I have acquired in the last three years that I know are worth the, "Oh, so what are you going to do with that degree?"

The answer being really simple, whatever I want, thank you very much.

Because while I will agree that a degree has value, what you study in college is important, and if you want a job you need to be prepared for it - I know that I am far more than the assumed skill set that comes with a major like mine.

Yes, I can write analysis on literature like nobody's business. Yes, I can read effectively and efficiently. And by God, I can tell a good story. (As you would hope.) But I am also capable of taking those skills and those abilities and transferring them to nearly anything that requires concentration, an understanding of complex material, or a reiteration of such material in some comprehensive manner. 

I'm sorry, but that idea that simply because reading and writing are the focus of my studies means that I won't be able to find work in the modern job market is ludicrous.

After all, I am in college. I am someone with a brain, who is obviously capable enough to have made it thus far. To downgrade any of that because of an archaic notion that reading and writing are simplistic and basic acts, is really - pardon me - stupid.

In all honesty, it is well known by those who know me that my calling is event planning and this degree is something I pursued out of passion. Regardless of either of those truths, I am no less capable or valuable to the labor force because I do not have a "typical" degree.

And I fully intend on proving that to every one of the nay sayers. So please, watch.

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  1. Best piece you've written, that I've read. You show 'em, girl!