It's My Party and I'll Whine If I Want To

Please excuse the dramatics that follow, it has been a very weird two weeks. 

I am a party girl.

Not a girl who parties, a party girl. I throw parties. I plan parties. I live and breathe my birthday party planning for the greater part of the year.

See, birthdays are a pretty big deal 'round these parts. Really, I'll jump for any type of celebration. But birthdays, oh, birthdays I love.

The sprinkles on the cake this year? It is the year of 21.

So, surely I would be putting on quite the to-do anyways. This year it is almost as if I have an excuse to go completely and totally all out. Which is perfect, because I tend to go all out regardless of my age.

Here's the catch: I don't know what to do.

Sure, there is the very traditional bar hop. But obviously that is so far from my style. So I thought of about a billion other ideas. Honestly though, nothing is jumping out at me. Nothing is screaming this is it. Which is a pretty big deal considering that by this time last year I had everything but the food settled on.

(Oh, yeah, my birthday is in May.)

I'm a bit befuddled. I'm at a loss.

Brunch? Sure. Monograms and Margaritas? Sure.

But I'm still not seeing the sparkles and the awesome.

And yes, I'm well aware that this is really not a problem. This is really no big deal. Thousands of big deals are out there, and this is not one of them. I know.

It's my party though. It's the event I plan all year. And it is just not coming together - which stinks.

So I'm off to Pinterest where I will be drowning until I have found the life raft of party saving ideas.

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