Going to be Going Places

When it becomes particularly difficult, or painful, to be here. I think about where I'll be going when I'm done. When all of this is over, in just about a year.

I think about the fact that really, I could go anywhere. Anywhere that I want. And that is where I can be. That is where I can live, and work, and learn, and just be.

That helps, a lot.

Because at this point, though I am narrowing it down, it does not really matter where that will be. It just matters that it won't be here. I won't be here. I won't be in school. And I will have every opportunity...to be happy, where ever I am.

So I keep looking, looking into where I want to go, into where I want to be. And I keep it in my sights. I keep remembering that it is just around the corner.

That helps, a lot.

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