Good Big Hearts

It has always been abundantly clear to me that the people of Montpelier are good people. They have good hearts - big hearts, that do good things. They mean well, they want the best for each other.

Being in Montpelier, it is like constantly being around a good neighbor.

Maybe that is all a little biassed. Okay, it is.

But here's the best part, there are endless, real, honest, examples of these people doing and being good. It's a community that continuously comes together. To help and be there for others, no matter what.

And as much as I need to leave this part of the country, and do something big with my life, that is something I will always miss, and hold on to.

When bad things happen to the people of Montpelier, and the people that they love, they respond in a big way.

In a big, awesome, we-love-you, and are-here-for-you way. I've been seeing a lot of that in the last three years, maybe more so because I am away. But damn if I don't love me some good small town community loving.

So, when it hurts a lot. You're hurting, or someone in Montpelier is, family or individual, I know these people will help in any way that they can.

I know even when it sucks, they are gonna be there with a smile, and a "How can I help?"

With all of that said, here's something on Sam, and something from Macklemore...yeah, talk about good people coming together to help. Especially for someone who so deserves it.

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