Sticking Around

I still have a year left of school, but all of my friends are seniors right now.

So they are graduating, in less than two weeks.

In less than two weeks my friends are going to go start their lives and I will go home for the summer, and return here, to school in the fall.

I would like to be very mature about this whole thing and say it is bittersweet. But quite frankly, it is far more bitter than sweet. Sure, I am so happy for them. So happy that they have come so far, have been so successful. But what a bitter pill it is to swallow, knowing all your friends are in a very simple sense, leaving you behind.

Yes, I'll be sticking around. For another year, another two semesters. I know I'll see them, surely.

It is hard though not to feel like the kid sister being left behind while everyone else goes off to do something fun.

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