It is the month of May. So, it is the month of birthdays, graduations, new jobs, and summer.

I'm trying very hard to be wholly excited for all of those things.

Birthdays: that is easy. After all, I'll celebrate just about anything with a good party. Which is great, as I've got about a dozen birthdays to celebrate this month.

Graduation: well, of course I wish it was mine as well. But I could not possibly be more proud of my amazingly talented and capable friends that are graduating.

New jobs: I suppose I will not end up planning parties and events all summer, taking on the dream job a year or so early, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Summer: oh, summer. With sunshine, and tan-lines, good books, and great friends, I could not love a season more. Vermont is one of the most beautiful places in the summer, and whatever may come, or go, for that matter, I know summer in my home state is a summer worth being excited for.

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