It Was a Very Good Year

I would be flat out lying if I said this year was not hard, or horrible, or very stressful.

I have noticed though, now that I am almost a month out, that that all sort of fades away. You know, how they say, you'll remember the good and forget the bad? (They do say that, right? That's a thing? It sounds like a thing, so let's go with it.) That is exactly what has happened.

Of all the...of all the bullhockey that was flying around this year, personally, academically, world-ly (again, we're going with it) it was hard to look past that at times, and just see the awesome. But here I am, looking at it, right now.

Talk about bringing about that positive outlook on the fall. Guys, this is killer.

I just have this reel of good memories, and moments, and times with friends, and music, and being outside, and loudly screaming the national anthem, and brunch, and lots, and lots, of sitting in the sun with nothing to do, playing over and over in my mind. And yes, that is almost entirely (though, not completely, I swear, I am not a hermit) the last three weeks of school this year.

That's okay though. It is. Because it was good. Not wholly, of course not. But it was good enough on its own. It was happy enough to be the biggest bright spot of my year.

It was so good to end so happy.

And really, when I think about this last semester, or, wait for it, missing school, I think about those last three amazing weeks.

You know what I think about that? I think that is great. Because I know, there is going to come a time in the next three months that thinking about going back to school is going to be painful. It is going to become very clear that so many of those amazing people will not be going back with me. Those memories will be memories only, not moments to relive throughout the year (except Alumni Weekend, as I am totally convinced that absolutely no one does Alumni Weekend like Colby-Sawyer.) And that, will suck.

I also know though that memories are great things, and being able to sit here now and look back so fondly on this year will, by all hopes, help me come the end of summer, when I will be doing my best to remember that the bad stuff fades away, and in the end, it really always has been so good.

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