Office (Bored To The) Max

I am an office girl this summer.

A full-time, well-paid, smartly-clothed, office girl.

I do the filing. I pull staples. I stack papers.

It is the most basic, most quintessential summer temp job I could possibly fathom.

It is just as positively mind-numbing as it sounds.

And it is dreary, I haven't got any windows. And it is dull, I'm in the back of the building, with only files.

But you know what? It is that one step that brings me just that much closer to making the post-grad dream come true. Because being paid well over minimum wage, for full time? In the summer job market? I am thrilled.

The job is not thrilling, but I could not be more excited to be putting the foundation down for next summer, for moving south, for living big and living dreams, hook line and sinker.

The kicker? The real, this-might-totally-be-worth-it bit? I have taken to listening to books on my iPad while mindlessly pulling staples out of large stacks of paper. So far, two books "read" in just four days. Which means, yeah, I'll be plowing through that reading list.

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