The Internship

Everyone has an internship at some point. The idea being you gain experience and knowledge in the field in which you hope to work.

Here's the thing, as internships go at my school, I'm a bit behind. Most people don't wait until the second semester of your senior year, I did. Not by choice really, but necessity. As someone who is majoring in Creative Writing, most internships would fall under the writing and reading category. As someone who is hoping and praying to end up event-planning in the South post graduation, an internship with that kind of experience is necessary.

So I was late to the game, and looking to find an incredibly unique opportunity.

By some miracle, some dream come true, I got the internship of an aspiring event-planning, Creative Writing major's dreams.

Not only am I in an environment that is bound to foster creativity, amazing learning experiences, and downright fun - it is filled with outstandingly talented, supportive, and interesting individuals.

I am so lucky, and overwhelmed, and thrilled.

If you know me at all, you know that my first day, which included paper flower crafting, and Gossip Girl watching, was enough to leave me smiling for the rest of the semester. It is no secret that this year has not been easy, or that I am more than ready to get out of this town, and this school. But I cannot say enough how much of a silver lining this internship has been.

Whether or not I land the job of my dreams after graduation, I'll at least know I'm headed in the right direction. Three weeks in, and this is a unicorn-sequins-craft-filled perfect fit.

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