Friday Favorites

Bringing it back, y'all!

Favorite Find:
Making your own phone case on Casetify? Yes please!

Favorite Show:
I finally caught up on the three most recent episodes of The Last Ship. McSteamy as Captain McSavetheWorld oh. my. goodness.

Favorite I can not get enough of this:
I don't have a favorite food. That's too limiting. And I eat way too much. But guys, I cannot stop with the PowerCrunch bars! I am all about the Peanut Butter Fudge, but really, they're all so good.

Favorite Sweat Sesh:
More on this later, but Pure Barre! Holy. Crap. It is so doable, and simultaneously, so hard. I highly recommend trying Pure Barre in South Burlington (I have a free guest pass each month if you wanna join!) But, if that's not your style, barre classes are popping up everywhere. It's a low-impact, high-reward workout that I would honestly recommend to anyone.

Favorite Author:
Alright, we'll say this is at the moment because I truly can't pick just one. But! I cannot stop reading JoJo Moyes. I've read Me Before You twice now. And this month I finished One Plus One and started The Ship of Brides. Truly all spectacular reads.

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