Keep Coming Back

I think this is the fifth, or maybe sixth, time I've come back.

It is certainly the longest I've gone, the longest I've left this lingering in the background of my mind. The longest I've left long ideas and drafts sitting in my notes, waiting for a little more dedication, a little more this is time.

I could not really tell you why now is good, just that now is good.

A lot has changed - bless all that is good in this world, so much has changed.

Most days I can still see the changes as being for the best. Most days, I feel hashtag blessed to be right smack in the middle of my own life. Which, truthfully, is amazing.

The spark notes, since September 2014:

  • In October, I auditioned to be a Disney Princess 
  • In January, I gave up my title as Miss Auburn
  • In February, I interviewed for an internship at an event design company in Orlando
  • A week later, I assisted in my first wedding at The Hotel 
  • In March, I signed a lease
  • In May, I moved to South Burlington 
  • In June, I got my first super gushy wonderful thank-you from a bride
  • In July, I took the lead on my first wedding weekend
So I'll never promise that I'll never leave this behind again, but I'm here, and I'm whole again, and I think this is going to be a good run. 

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