Friday Favorites

It's been a good week. You'd have to be in my top five on Snapchat to really understand how good, but guys....good.

To celebrate, some favorites:

Favorite Update:
Tell me these aren't some of the best emojis of. all. time. I mean, I'm ranking these higher than some of the originals.

Favorite Moment:
I'm a sucker for an afternoon coffee. And a walk through downtown Montpelier. This Wednesday as I was strolling towards Capitol Grounds, I got to witness the sweetest act of kindness. A man that I know, only by formerly being the girl who made sandwiches, handed a Capitol Grounds gift card to a homeless man. Letting him know they had hot coffee, sandwiches, and bagels, and it was just a few paces down the street. 

It was just genuine human kindness for the sake of human kindness. 

Favorite Winter Moisturizer:
First of all, if you live in Vermont/any unbearably cold state, I hope you're stocking up on your winter beauty essentials. If you trust me, and happen to get positively precious dry skin in the dead of winter - let me tell you about this little nug: Ole Henriksen's Empower Featherweight Moisturizer.

I have a lot of love for moisturizers/eye creams/stuff that makes my skin silky and lovely. But this is a divine product. Honestly, it's so light, it smells unreal, and it's genuinely keeping my pesky chin so moisturized without breaking me out or clogging my pores. I'm buying at least three of these bad boys.

Favorite (Friday) Buzzfeed Article:
Of course I clicked on "The 50 Most Powerful Photos in American History." Of course I teared up.
Of course you should give it a look too. 'Merica. 🇺🇸

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