363 Days Done

I have said before that I have not always a 'new year resolutions' type. This year I was more of a 'make a goal whenever you damn want to' type. That was true in 2015, and it might be true in 2016. The best part of that "process?" I got stuff done this year.

Think about this: I am a wedding coordinator. I am competing in another pageant. I moved to South Burlington. I bought a new car. I paid off my student loans. I committed (big time) to Pure Barre. I made it through a series of mildly bizarre relationships. I didn't gain like 67 pounds despite the fact that I ate a lot. I solo'd a whole month of weddings.

A crapton of awful things happened too. But part of the beauty of everything I accomplished in 2015 was the ability to do it through the awful things, even despite the awful things.

So when I think about that shift in personal goals and resolutions, when I think about what I want for myself in 2016, it really is the same thing I wanted for myself in 2015: I want to be happy. I want to be successful. I want bring joy to others. I want to grow. I want to learn things. I want to be someone who helps others. I want to invest in bringing other people up, in committing to my faith, in being just a little bit better than I was the day before.

I don't know what next week/month/year will bring for me. Of course I don't.

But I know what I am going to work for. I know what I am going to focus my energy on.

Thankfully, I also know what I am not going to focus my energy on. I won't care that the girl next to me is shaking harder in thighs than I am. I won't be overthinking how much money I make per hour. I won't lose sleep over the idea that maybe he just didn't like me. I won't be too concerned about my carb intake (you guys, seriously, there is no value in stressing out about bagels.) I won't overthink why he still drunk snapchats me.

There are so many stupid fears, and concerns, and worries that I get to leave behind in 2015.

I'm sure there will be new fears, new worries and concerns in 2016. Of course there will be.

Here's the thing though, every year that passes, every time I have one more year under my belt - I get to look back and say, "Yeah, but I already tackled all that shit. I already pushed through all that awful stuff to accomplish all these really stellar things."

That won't always make things better. It won't always make things feel manageable. But shit if it doesn't give you a boost to keep pushing through.

I know everyone does something a bit different as the new year rolls around. And whether you are reflecting pretty hard on 2015, or dutifully planning your goals for 2016 - I hope that you get to take a moment and look at it as simply one year of accomplishments behind you, and one year of mega opportunities ahead of you.

Also I hope you drink some champagne. That's important.

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