Rise and Shine Princess

I'm at a bizarre point in my life where sleeping-in means 6:30 A.M. And even that is pretty rare, because usually I'm up and at 'em by 6 on the weekends.

This is pretty clearly a commuter-pageant-girl-wedding-planner-Pure-Barre-instructor problem that I have. My first alarm on days that I teach the 6:30 AM class? 4:03. And as much as I love Sam Hunt, hearing Speakers that early is not wonderful. If I'm not teaching, and I just need to be in to the office at 8 AM? 5:03. That's right folks, a whole bonus hour. 

Not that it matters, but I typically don't actually get out of bed until 4:15 and 5:30, but still.

So, yes, that's early. It makes 6:30 feel like a luxury. It could easily be argued that I don't need that long to get ready in the morning. But one, you let me know when you walk into The Kitchen how it feels to not be dressed and made up for the day. And two, having that much time for my morning routine is absolutely wonderful. Wonderful enough that I actually enjoy being a full blown morning person a year into this craziness.

I love getting up with plenty of time to see the sun rise.

I love taking my time with my coffee and my oatmeal.

I love easing into the day with an episode of whatever I'm currently binging on Netflix.

I love lolly gagging when it comes to putting on my makeup, taking the time to play with eyeshadows, wear two primers. I don't know get crazy. 

Most people would opt for an extra hour or 90 minutes in bed before dashing out the door just after 7. But I gotta tell you, getting up early, letting yourself ease into the day, it's so worth it. I never regret seeing the sun rise. I never regret sitting down to eat my breakfast knowing that I'm not going to spill coffee in the car later. Or worse, attempt to eat oatmeal while driving. Would not recommend.

I think there is a lot of value in taking this time for myself. Even if that means, I hop into bed at about 9:30 every night.

Because, I don't know if you remember, but I'm pretty busy. If I am always running 100%, from 4:30 in the morning until getting home at 8/8:30 at night only to reset for the next day, I would probably be a lot more stressed out. I'd also probably be really unhappy.

I know that this extra time, is what saves me from walking into the office feeling rushed, or anxious or frustrated. I know this is part of what makes me so excited to teach before the crack of dawn. It's because I am allowing myself to be ready.

What's funny is if you had asked me even a year ago if I liked getting up early, the answer would have been a huge no. And the idea of getting up at four in the morning would have made me dizzy. I can't say that I leap out of bed every morning ready to embrace a 18 or 19 hour day. But I can say that I am able to embrace the day - within maybe two hours of waking up - because I've given myself all that extra time with my oatmeal and my Grey's Anatomy.


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