New Kid on The Benchpress

For a variety of reasons that mostly end with I am so stinkin' busy, tonight was the first time I visited my new official gym. Thankfully, I have Pure Barre, the Hotel gym, and the bike path at my disposal as well, otherwise the last month would have been pretty rocky.

Yes, I'm officially one of those people that sees gym-time as down-time, and needs a daily dose to relax. Whatever.

Anyways, I dropped in to HammerFit Athletic Club - the official gym sponsor for Miss Vermont. Which sounds so fancy. But really means that some seriously kind and generous Vermonters genuinely want me to stay healthy (and sane) as I prep for Miss America and the year ahead. Also it's in the outlets which I always forget exist, so that was tempting.

Here's the point though: new gyms are so intimidating.


I mean, I've been a member of six gyms now, and each time I walk into a new one for the first time, I am absolutely teeming with social anxiety and just general panic.

Is that just a me thing?

Don't you just feel like everyone else already knows the lay of the land, they already have their rhythm, and you're just busting in there getting in the way and being all new and clumsy?

Bonus points if you also walked in the side door that opens into the main gym area, in a Lilly, full makeup, and heels, because you met with your stellar dental sponsor beforehand, so everyone stared at you like you definitely walked into the wrong place.

I just felt so out of place. But I forced myself to just own it, and do what I know I can do - crush a leg day. By the end of the hour, I felt like, "Okay, I can do this."

The point is, it was so intimidating. And I felt so uncomfortable being the girl in full makeup working out. Yes, I'll be adding makeup wipes to my gym bag. But I did it anyways. I knew that I wanted to be there, even though I felt so odd about it. I knew if I found my own pace there, I would start to feel that old this is my gym too feeling.

Honestly, it totally helps that everyone at HammerFit has been amazingly kind and welcoming. And yes, I'm totally going back as soon as this wild schedule allows.

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