Week Three and Four

Yes, I was slacking. But no fear because I actually wrote these separately, and you just get a twofer. Enjoy, y'all!

Week Three:

By coincidence and blessing this week has been relatively "normal." Well, what I would have considered normal about a month ago, anyways. Lots of work, and lots of Pure Barre, and lots of emails, and paperwork, and settling into this craze-mazing new rhythm of life that I am in.

I keep saying that as blessed as I feel to have this job, it is so much. There is constantly so much that I feel like I need to say, and do, and finish, and catch-up on. This is has been a perfect week for that. 

A very quick run-down:

I threw a first pitch for the Montpelier NECBL team, The Mountaineers. Which is a huge part of the Montpelier summer experience. And the GM happens to be my former middle school and high school gym teacher. You guys, just about everyone had some very clear - and low - expectations of how that pitch was going to go.

Plot twist, I crushed it. I'm not kidding. I practiced in my parent's backyard for all of about 15 minutes, and went down to the field. I was understandably nervous, even though the crowd was small, even though I knew I could walk as close as I wanted to the catcher.

But nope, I got out there and stood at the end of the pitchers mound (so, no, it was a true pitch, but still,) and I just...threw the ball. All the little tips that everyone had given me in the few days beforehand swimming in my mind apparently helped. Because I made it to the catcher, and y'all, he barely even moved his mitt. I really thought we might get in to a leaping/reaching situation, but nope.

Truthfully, it felt awesome.

Then, the next day - a coveted day off - I sat down with a wonderful board member and tackled the mountain of Miss America paperwork. While it felt so good to get that all done, truly the best part was the drive to and from her home. There is nothing like a beautiful June day, and sunset, to give you some Vermonty feelings.

Week Four:

Starting with a bang - or really, a quadruple appearance weekend.

I began bright and early Saturday morning with a trip to the waterfront to help with The Run for Empowerment, put on by Women Helping Battered Women. This was such an awesome event that really spoke to the power of the Burlington community, and their support of women in Vermont.

Then it was off to North Hero! This past weekend was the LCI Father's Day Fishing Derby, and Alex and I were so lucky to be able to stop at two weigh stations for the derby. Unsurprisingly it was a gorgeous drive out to North Hero, where we saw a lot  of impressive catches come in.

Sunday, was another double-header. This time we started with the Mopar Magic Car Show at Foster Motors. Foster's is an incredibly generous fuel sponsor this year, so I could not have been happier to meet the people that are helping me travel this state. And we met a former Miss Vermont Princess, and even a few future princesses!

After seeing a lot of cars, a monster truck show, and taking a ton of pictures, we were off to the lake again. This time it was to Charlotte, and the LCI weigh station out there. Yet again, we met some outstandingly kind Vermonters, and while the heat kept the station itself pretty slow it meant we had plenty of time to chat with each of the people that stopped by.

The next few days I spent visiting the wonderful volunteers and sponsors that we have this year. I met with a mock interview panel, our dental sponsor, and our fitness sponsor. (I even met a 92 year-old former Miss Ohio when I visited a senior living community on Wednesday afternoon! Separate, but still. Guys.)

Tonight it's one more derby stop, we are lucky enough to be invited to the awards banquet, where I'm sure we'll be on raffle ticket duty!

Don't forget though, add me on Snapchat to follow along this Saturday! I'll be showing you what it's like to live a day as Miss Vermont starting from sunrise to sunset.

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