Week One

I decided that I'd be doing a week by week review of Miss Vermont, for two reasons, one to keep track of all the amazing things that are happening, and two, to keep everyone else up to date as I'm already falling behind on the amazingly kind text messages to which I need to respond.

This last week has been - in every regard - a whirlwind. In the best possible way I have been completely swamped. I'm constantly answering emails, Facebook messages, texts, and keeping up with Instagram and Twitter. Again, it's awesome. I love it. But this is the first time that I've been able to take a second and mentally review it.

So, a quick run down of the last seven days.

I've been in two parades, soon to be three. I've been to one marathon. I've done one photoshoot, two TV interviews, and one radio interview (check out the podcast right here.) I've put more than 400 miles on my car already. I housed two bagels, three pieces of pizza, and a lot of Cheez Itz.

I've already met so many amazing people, and kids, and supporters. I've spoken to so many wonderful Vermonters in just this first week.

I honestly feel like as much of a blur as this has been, it's going to be imprinted on me as one of the most fun weeks of my life.

I mean, this is the first week that I've ever said, "I am Miss Vermont 2016."

How crazy is that?

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