Miss Vermont 2016

In case you missed it...

Steve Smith Photography
...it happened.

After three state pageants, one local pageant, three evening gowns, two swimsuits, three talent costumes, five interview dresses...and only about 35,000 hours of work, I heard my name called last.

I heard, "And your new Miss Vermont 2016 is...." insert my heart beating through my chest, an empty mind, a silent Opera House, and the low bumbumbummm of the music "Rylee Field!"

I'm sure you've seen the video of how my heart about burst. Well, guys, it's still bursting. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. This, my dream job. This, the position of a lifetime. This, is taking me to Miss America.

Miss. America.
Steve Smith Photography
I'm truly at a loss when I think about trying to explain how amazing this is. I truly don't know if I'm completely comprehending it yet. After all, I look at all the pictures and I think, "That's nice. Good pic." And it still isn't fully translating that that's me.

So, until I get to that point, I have to say this: thank you.

I have said no less than 2 million thank yous since hearing my name called, and I know that 2 billion more would not be enough. You guys, there are too many people that deserve so much credit for bringing me to this moment. I could just cry when I think about how thankful I am to have people that have supported this wild dream since day one. Actually I have cried thinking about it, but that's fine.

From the women who fluffed that beast of a dress, to the first people to tell me "Good luck!" when I started talking about competing. Those people made this possible.

The people that believed in this with me, from day one. The people that believed in this when I didn't think I could. The people that encouraged me to keep going. The people that drove me to be better, to work harder.

You are my people.

I am so thankful for each of you. For every hug, every text, every comment, every Congratulations, you deserve this! 

I can only hope that in the next 361 days I can give you a reason to say, I'm so glad I rooted for her.

Because, y'all, I'm so glad you rooted for me.

Also, pop over here to find where you can follow along on this crazy journey. 

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