23 Things I Learned in My 23rd Year

1. If he wants to be with you, he will find a way.

2. If he ditches you, you will be okay.

3. Stick with your color palette. Some girls can't wear soft yellow, that's life.

4. You always have a choice.

5. Overpriced coffee is just that, overpriced. And still just coffee.

6. Invest in your career. Go to conferences. Buy your own domain. Get a custom blog layout. Do the things that serve to help you grow who you are professionally.

7. Pay your bills. Negate debt now. You're only 23, you don't need three $1000 credit bills on top of your student loans, and your car payment, and your rent.

8. Learn how to vacation as an adult. I'm all about vacations. I'm all about getting away. But if you're paying your bills, and negating debt, you've also gotta learn to vacation on what you can afford.

9. Take care of your body. Do it now, while it's still "young." Fork over the $10 a month for a gym membership, join a pickup team, get a bike at a yard sale. But the time to focus on your body, how you treat it, what you put in to it, and how you work for it, is now.

10. Your parents still have a lot to teach you, don't discount them.

11. You can always change your mind.

12. You are not stuck where you are now. This doesn't have to be where you live forever, this doesn't have to be the job you have for the next 45 years.

13. You have so much time.

14. Sleep is important. And if you're anything like me, you desperately need it. Learn your bedtime and stick with it. Getting 8 hours a night every night will actually change your life.

15. Support your friends as endlessly and vigorously as you want them to support you.

16. Stop being so hard on yourself. Your body is your body, and you better learn to love it.

17. The more you learn to care for yourself, the better you are at it.

18. Car concerts might just be the key to fixing most petty frustrations. Disregard other drivers, belt it out. 

19. Being scared is okay. It means you've got something on the line. Embrace it, welcome it, learn from it.

20. Find a good dry cleaner, use it.

21. You aren't going to lose when you give everything. Give it your all. Work, love, friends, new challenges. Give it all you've got. You might get hurt, you might be disappointed, but you'll know for sure it wasn't because you didn't put the effort in.

22. Not everyone will support you, or believe in you. That's okay.

23. Patience in everything. Above all, you must be patient. All the good things that you deserve in this world will come to you. You have got to be patient. And open your heart up to the world.

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