Week Two

First of all, if you're already sick of all the Miss Vermont-ing I'm a little sorry. But the reality is this is my life right now, and so while there are things coming down the pike not Miss Vermont related, you'll have to just bask in a few more post-pageant updates.

Anyways, week two!

You guys I think week two was just as busy as week one. I say I think because in reality the days are starting to blend together. I can still mentally separate each appearance, but for instance I thought Tuesday was Friday this week, and well, that was confusing.

Here's the deal, it was another full week of appearances.

We went to Brattleboro where we met a fake Kevin Bacon, watched other people stroll heifers, and spent the afternoon racing goats. I also ate most of a pizza, a bag of the most amazing kettle corn, and an unreal ice cream cone.

Then the very next morning I was out in the pouring rain to support the bikers and walkers of the Lund Annual Ride & Walk. I did spend most of the day being the only one that was happy it wasn't sunny and hot, after a week of other sweltering appearances. And since we're keeping a tally I had two burritos and ice cream here as well. From there I skipped on over to my very first Miss America Prep Team meeting, which probably doesn't sound like it involved chips and salsa, but it did.

Day three was a very full day of work, followed by a photoshoot. Which was wildly fun, and also involved eating. And playing music from the Zootopia soundtrack, because why not?

Then in was a triple-header (is that a thing?) I taught my A.M. Pure Barre classes, spent the day at The Hotel, and then started down towards Chittenden, Vermont. Which by the way, considering it was supposed to be a total wash, that drive was unimaginably gorgeous. While I was there I stayed in the most amazing house, and attended the Vermont Retailers & Grocers Association dinner and golf tournament. Talk about nice people, guys. Even though I stuck out like a sore thumb in that crowd, they could not have been more welcoming.

That was a two-parter, really, and I followed it up with another golf tournament. This time in Essex, and it was to benefit the Rotary Club of Essex. Rotarians all over Vermont are huge supporters of the Miss Vermont Scholarship Organization, and I love to meet more and more of them every where I go.

Finally, we're closing this week with one more triple-header. But this time it's weddings. That's right, three weddings in three days this weekend. And then it's off and running next week with another packed schedule.

Send coffee and big hugs, y'all!

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