Week Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen

Yes, this is back dated. Whatever. Here's a quick run down of all the great things I did in August!

Alex and I were so lucky to see our sweet friend Erin when we went to Addison County Fair and Field Days. Talk about a community coming together! Everyone knew everyone, and it was awesome.

Oh, yeah, and what will probably go as one of the single best experiences of my year - nope, let's go with life - is my visit to Camp Daybreak. I will eventually attempt to extensively put into words how incredibly moving, rewarding, and humbling it was to meet everyone at Camp. Today though, just a photo. And my deepest thanks that the folks at Camp Daybreak do what they do, and do it with such large hearts.

The next few days were filled with meeting wonderful sponsors, like Mr. Bill Reed, who helped me perfect my Miss America talent. And rigorous interviews with the esteemed T&T team (who thankfully have been putting up with me since high school.)

Then, the first bad weather appearance ever. Probably not going to be the last, but guys, that's impressive. And to top it off, I was lucky enough to be with two of the most generous and kind volunteers. As part of the 31st (!!!) Annual Toy Ride, presented by the United Motorcyclists of Vermont, I was able to ride in the parade. (With a very nice, very large umbrella.) Accompanied by two long-time Shriners. This was such a great experience, especially as someone who has watched this ride for as long as she can remember.

And in what was predicted to be one of the worst weather weekends of the summer? I ended it with a gorgeous afternoon on the waterfront watching a literally one-of-a-kind airshow. You guys the last time we did this in Vermont? Ten. Years. Ago. This show was phenomenal, and the hospitality provided by the folks from Wings Over Vermont was unreal. I'm so thankful it wasn't a wash! And as they say, all the takeoffs were equal to the landings, so it was a success!

Just a few days later I was invited to speak to the Rotary Club of Essex - our second time together, I think they're big fans of ours. This was my first chance to speak to a Rotary Club on my platform, and I knew from the moment I met each of the members, I was hooked. Speaking to Rotarians, who value service over self just like the Miss America Organization, is such a humbling experience. And of course, usually a hoot too.

Oh, and did you catch me on the Morning Brew at Local 22 & Local 44? I had so much fun talking about my Miss America prep and getting ready to leave for the competition. I'm so glad they had time to squeeze me in!

Well, then it was time to be sent off to Miss America. I started that day at the ever-amazing, Yoga on Church Street event to benefit H.O.P.E. Works. It was a breezy (read, hurricane style winds) morning on Church Street. But the turnout was stunning, and the generosity truly matched. While I'm no yogi, I was so happy to be able to help raise funds that support Vermont women.

And just a few hours later I was feeling the looooove at my send-off party. I was so lucky to have all sorts of friends, family, and supporters there. Also, there was an unreal amount of sweets.

And then, well, you know, I left for Miss America.

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