Leaping into Memphis

I took a big leap last night. Actually we're gonna go ahead and say it was more like an Olympic sized dive. I thought I was so sure about this choice too. I thought, I prepared for this, I planned for this, I know I want this. Then it came down to it and kept getting so nervous, and second-guessy.

But I did it.

And before we get to what I did, let me just say, I think this was so much like the plunge I took when I decided to compete one more time for Miss Vermont. I didn't realize it until this morning, when my decision started to settle in me, and I realized, whatever, I'll make it work. 

That is the thing I always stick to when it comes to decisions like this: I will make it work. Because if it wasn't worth it, and I wasn't supposed to do it, it wouldn't be stuck on my heart like it has been.

See what I did was register for a conference - which is sounds so small, and silly, and very who cares, Rylee? Which I get, because you aren't me. And you don't have my very same big goals and big dreams, so that's totally fine.

Anyways, I'm saved my seat for the Creative at Heart conference in Memphis. Again, if you don't have the same lofty goals as me, or a heart that beats for purposeful, love-filled, detail-heavy, weddings - then this probably is no big deal. But in some big I've-made-a-big-scary-choice-like-that-before way, you get it, right?

But backing up a bit - I just have to keep telling myself that I'll make it work. And I will, I know I will. It'll be after Miss America. It will be in a month with no weddings on the books. It'll be the perfect time to take three days to take a deep breath. Yes, truthfully, I'm (obviously) making less money now than when I actually worked full time. And yes, it's a good thing my parent's are always happy to feed me. And yes, maybe this will make my savings a little smaller.

I'll make it work though, because it is worth it. Because the idea of cultivating ideas, plans, advice, and knowledge for myself as a creative professional has been too big on my heart to just let this go.

Even though it kinda scares the crap out of me to think I'll be surrounded by women who's work I totally admire, and here I am in the tee-ball version of what I'm dreaming of. It is the good kind though - the good kind of having the crap scared out of you. Like, it is the kind of scared that says, you're scared because this is a big purposeful move, not because it is the wrong move. 

And I think that's good.

Anyways, if you're thinking about taking some big leaps. If you're feeling a big choice sitting on your heart. Or maybe you've just been waiting to take the plunge and it will never be the perfect time. Well, I think you should do it. Take the big leap, make the choice, choose now or never. I don't know about your big dreams and big plans, but I know they're worth it.

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