Weeks Eight, Nine & Ten

You might be thinking, wow Rylee really let those weekly updates drop off quick. And you'd be right, because I'm wildly busy. But here I am, coming at ya with a big ol' update. Settle in.

Where did we leave off? Oh yes, Miss America Orientation.

After rolling back into Burlington, doing something like 8 loads of laundry, scrubbing my apartment down, and entertaining the idea of sleeping I was so lucky to head to the Vermont Lake Monsters throw out a first pitch. (Well, technically it was the 3rd of 8, because that's how the Lake Monsters roll. But still.) It also happened to be Princess & Superheroes Night at the Ballpark, and you guys know I love a good princess bash.

The next day, I made it to Lyndonville for another parade - in the middle of July? Yes. It was great having an "off season" parade is always fun because people love to come out for a tradition like this that most towns don't celebrate.

Then it was Miss America lottery night - and that means very little now. But, I will use this as my opportunity to say please go here: http://missamerica.org/vote/ and vote for me. Because being the first Miss Vermont to be in the top 15 would literally be a dream come true. 

Up next was a long trip down to Manchester, Vermont (a first for me,) for the Komen Race for the Cure 5k/10k. Not only was this such a generously welcoming group of volunteers and participants, we broke records for the event (fundraising and participation!) and I got to run another 5k. Bonus points if you ask Tam about this event - seriously, because I've sat through that story something like 45 times

The very following day was a double header - judging the talent show for Lamoille County Field Days, and the send-off party for my sweet teen. At both events I got lots of amazing hugs. And and and I got a surprise visit from our Miracle Kid, Eleanor! 

And to round out a clearly full weekend, I spent the next day at the CMNH Golf Classic (conveniently in my backyard, thankfully.) The weather was not superb, but I have to say a huge thanks to Sara for driving me around all day as we gathered donations. 

After a crazy week of work, sponsor meetings, and teaching Pure Barre. I made the trip down to Greenwich, Connecticut to buff up on some new Pure Barre moves...and enjoy my first experience with food poisoning. It was awful. And it is my entire reasoning that my second first pitch with the Vermont Lake Monsters did not go as planned. (It was fine, but not great. And being that I had one hour of sleep under my belt, it could have been so much worse.) The best part though? I got to see Miss Margaret - a wonderful, generous, insanely kind Miss Vermont volunteer!

And just a few days later? I was skipping down to Orlando the hang with my Miss America sisters, spend a whole 13 hours in the Magic Kingdom, and of course, support Alex at Miss America's Outstanding Teen!

Also, just this, dream come true

And yes, as soon as we got back from Orlando, we hit the ground running, again. More on that next Tuesday, promise. A 3 week update is much easier than a 6 week update.

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