Three Shows to Binge

Alright, you know what is great for a breakup?


Lots and lots of Netflix.

So for this month's three things, I'm giving you three shows to binge.


Parks & Rec:

If you have already binged this, let me recommend another go-around. I think this (like The Office) is the perfect show for multiple rounds of binge watching. It's funny, it's easy to have on in the background, and let's be honest we could all use a bit more Knope in our lives these days.


Okay, there is a great - in fact, many great - arguments out there for not watching this show. It's kitchy. It's not that funny, and at the same time the crimes aren't that dramatic.

But! This is the perfect show to take your mind off of stuff, to do your makeup to, to do work to, and to have on when you just feel like a pile of shit. Convincing, I know.

Con: Netflix doesn't have every season.

Pro: You don't have to binge every season.

The Following:

Alright, this one is a little bit less of a general crowd-pleaser. I've tried to get a handful of people to watch this because I just loved it so much when it was live...buuut, it's not for everyone.

It's crime, it's cults, it's vaguely attractive older dudes, it's pretty gore-y, and by the end of the series basically the entire writers room jumped the shark.

If you're looking for a decent, short-run, crime show that's actually relatively gripping, this is it.

So that's about it!

I'll also always love a good Scandal, The Office, and Grey's Anatomy binge, but c'mon, you knew about those. Right?

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