Basic and Proud

You know what time of year it is right?

The time of year where everyone has something to say about being basic.

Now, we first have to remember that you can be basic at any time of the year. But! It is the beginning of a new season that seems to really light a fresh spark with those that like to complain. Especially in New England? Who knows. But it feels like it.

So. Basic. What does it mean?

Hold on to your seats guys, this is gonna blow your minds...

It just means you like the same damn shit as a lot of other people. 

Wow. Wild.

More than 10 people like pumpkin-spice-anything, crunchy leaves, North Face jackets, Starbucks, Ryan Gosling, and smoothie bowls. How unbelievable that multiple people would like those things right? Crazy.

But really, that is it. To be basic one must subscribe to an inkling of the masses.

I love a good pumpkin swirl bread. Basic.

I have a North Face denali jacket. Basic. (Bonus Points: It's monogramed.)

I watch Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and The Bachelor franchise. Basic.

Not only did I go to barre-style class, I taught it. Basic.

I'm still get excited to go to Target. Basic.

I own an absurd amount of black leggings. Basic.

And guess what? I bet at least 80% of you reading this can say me-fricken-too to at least three of those things. Yeah, we're all a little basic.

So, while some people spend this time of year getting annoyed with the onslaught of pumpkin products and candy corn everything, and yes, the inevitable return of Taylor - let me just say, I am here for it.

Sign me up.

I'm keeping my UGG boots. I'm still putting effort into Instagram. I'm still saying "perf." I'm gonna go to brunch. I'm getting that PSL-Mocha (it's new, I definitely believe that I made it up, and it's great.) And dangit, I'm going to say literally whenever I want. Literally.

Because when did it stop being cool to like the same things as everyone else?

If I remember correctly that was literally the point of high school.

And now I'm 25, and if I want to be a weirdo in my own right, great! But if I also want to hop of the bandwagon of anything that happens to be bringing a lot of other people joy - that's awesome too!

This notion that basic is somehow bad, is stupid.

So, be free basic baby! Go get that pumpkin muffin! You wear that J. Crew vest! Instagram that new Lilly agenda! Tell us again how much you love cozy sweaters!

And for the love of God, please stop trying to use basic as an insult.

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