12 Goals Small Enough to Achieve in 2018

Alright! Goals!

Are we ready for this? Probably not!

The fall flew by for me, which probably has a lot to do with being wildly depressed, sleeping a lot - or not sleeping at all - and spending a lot of time wishing the time away. And one day I woke up, it was winter, and the new year was right around the corner.

So, here we are.

Looking 2018 in the face and asking what it's got. Which, if you think about how 2017 whooped our collective asses, is a little dangerous. But whatever, let's do it anyway.

And while we are at it, let's look at goals. The reality is - as much as you might want to say, well you don't need a day on a calendar to set goals, or even the jerk schtick of well new year resolutions never last... - the reality is good goals are literally a key to success.

Goals guide your actions.

And good goals help steer you to use the stuff you already have in your toolbox. You know, your goal of being a better runner is going to be aided by your stubbornness (a gift given to you, really.) Your goal of reading more books is going to be stewarded by your introverted nature (still a gift, promise.)

So, I'm into goals. I'm here for goals. Goals, that you set with honest intention, with a plan for follow-through, and an understanding of what you are working with - that's the sweet spot.

Finally! Y'all voted, and you wanted quick hit goals, and that is what you're gonna get! At least until I finish the post about the big three goals that I've been chipping away at in the last three months since, well who the hell am I kidding, you know. Also, I'm sorry, truly, for all the exclamation points.

1. Grow my hair out

2. Lose something like 7 pounds. I don't feel the deepest desire to give poundage - because let's be real a. you don't care, and b. I shouldn't - but let's go with more than 5. 'Cause y'all I got a year. 

3. Keep practicing yoga

4. Run two half marathons

5. Take sleep more seriously. Hold your judgement please. I know myself enough to know that while a solid eight hours is worth it, taking my days off to stay in bed until 9, 10, 11 o'clock is actually detrimental to me. So, sleep like ya need to.

6. Go to at least one new state and one new city

7. Get a dog

8. Stop procrastinating laundry. Just, suck it up.

9. Read 12 books. Yes, I'm including Audible books.

10. Sing Tell Me You Love Me more often, (and any other song I love belting,) because it makes me happy and I want to.

11. Drink 100 ounces of water a day

12. Climb some more mountains

And that's it!

Those are the easy ones, the ones that I've set out for 2018 because they are worth doing. And because I want to. Are they going to change the world? Maybe not.

Well, probably not.

But they matter to me, and they're gonna help make it another year worth talking about...in a year.

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