25 New Things I Did in 2017

Last year, I did 20 new things (at least,) and wrote about it here. This year, I definitely did more than 20 new things. So, in an effort to outdo literally only myself, here are 25 new things.

1. Climbed Stowe Pinnacle, Camel's Hump, and Mount Sunapee

2. Ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon

3. Changed careers

4. Fell really hard in love

5. Gave up my title as Miss Vermont

6. Ran (part of) the Vermont City Marathon

7. Crossed two more states off the list: Delaware and Washington

8. Biked on the Colchester Causeway

9. Traveled internationally without my family

10. Drove on the left side of the road

11. Got a tattoo

12. Started practicing yoga

13. Got a new roommate

14. Received salt and pepper shakers with my face on them. That was cool.

15. Wore falsies to Moes. Got free queso.

16. Went to a trampoline park, and a roller skating rink

17. Finally had a valentine on Valentine's day.

18. Made pancakes in almost every shape I could manage at IHOP for National Pancake Day

19. Decided once and for all that I don't owe proof of my mental illness to anyone. Decided I didn't need to seem sick or explain myself or even be courageous.

20. Developed a huge dependency on hummus

21. Got a stress fracture in my left foot on mile 7 of the Disney Princess Half

22. Started drinking RedBull more regularly than I should.

23. Had three brushes with cancer. That was weird.

24. Found out that I care way more about sandwiches than basically any food ever. Definitely committing to that one.

25. Vermont got a Target. I didn't do that. But I did tweet about it a lot.

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