8 Things that are Bringing Me Joy Right Now

Right now, I'm taking it easy. Which I'm sure you know.

But I'm also actively trying to put my pieces back in order.

So here are just a few things that make me happy:

1. My girl Peeks

2. Twitter
Odd, I know. But getting back into Twitter is actually bringing me a whole heck of a lot of joy. 

3. Chick. Fil. A. Lemonade

4. Actively not doing my makeup, because I just don't want to

5. Binging "Designated Survivor"

6. The beach
Oh the beach. It's so so so what my heart needed.

7. Piper Kate's new hair cut
She's just so soft now! And she looks so much smaller! 

8. Quality time being the annoying older sister

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