Back at The Barre

Remember when I was all Pure Barre, all the time?

Kinda feels like a lifetime ago, huh? Yeah.

Listen, as a reminder, I stopped teaching because I was Miss Vermont, I was working a new and wildly demanding job, and at the same time I was trying to maintain a social life and get some sleep. It just wasn't sustainable. And frankly, it was the only thing that was expendable.

Did that mean I had to leave the studio altogether? Of course not! But that felt like the right move.

However, the time to "get back to the barre" is truly now.

I mean, I can be the new girl. I can be the girl that doesn't know the moves any more. I can be the girl that just goes into the studio to workout. The new client prices don't hurt either.

So I went back.

And hell yeah I was nervous. No one wants to be a novice at something they once excelled at. No one wants to be the new girl all over again, of course not.

But it wasn't so bad.

Actually, it was really freakin good.

Because I was not as bad as I thought I was going to be, (and everyone was so nice!) Maybe most importantly, I wasn't as weak as I thought I'd be.

So much of this life right now is testing my strength. It's hard - you know - emotionally, mentally - to be the girl that is starting all over. I have said before that the choice wasn't easy, but it was quick. Well, the "not so easy" side of things is...extending.

To test myself physically, too? I didn't know if it was the right move.

Obviously I know myself well enough to know that when things get hard, sitting still isn't going to help me. I know I need to run, or get to the gym, or maybe, just maybe, get back to the barre.

I'm only here for a month, so, starting slow and small is kinda perfect here.

One month.

One month of trying this again.

And maybe that's just the perfect way to dip my high heels back into this whole thing, right?

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