Let's Fly, Let's Fly Away

This is a final boarding call, for me, at the airport.

Ladies and gents, the doors have closed, and we are pulling away from the jet bridge.

I walked out of the airport last night as a manager for the last time. And as quickly as it started, and as whirlwind as the beginning was, it feel mostly the same as it comes to an end.

I had no freakin clue what I was getting into this fall when it came to the airport, when it came to restaurant management, and when it came to being on the floor all. day. long. I still some days think I have no freakin clue about those things.

And if we're being real? (We are.) The beginning of this was hard. It was really, really, hard. It was a little weird, and a little painful, and there was a steep learning curve.

There was a lot of learning, and a lot of growth, that not only I needed to go through - but that our whole team on site needed to go through too. Thank goodness that we did though. 


I know that as hard as it has been, it has actually been the single most valuable job I've had so far. This place has taught me so much about managing like an actual leader, training in a way that actually allows employees to succeed, and also about some weird aviation shit.

And the end? The end has been sweet really, bittersweet.

I am so happy to be going towards a set up that is good for me, good for Pipey, and good for the kind of life that I want outside of work.

But I am sad to leave this team behind. I am sad that I won't spend my days talking to 20 employees, and laughing my butt off, and meeting people from all over.

I'm stinkin proud of how this journey played out, and I'm stinkin proud to have been apart of this crew.

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