Still Workin' on ma Fitness

I stopped doing fitness challenges, bootcamps, and "fun" wellness dares because that shit was screwing with my head.

I stopped thinking about "have to" and "should" and started just doing what worked for me. And you know what happened?

Well for one, yes, I gained weight.

Yikes? Meh, yes and no. (Also more on that, I promise.)

I figured out I'm better at taking care of myself without all of that noise and "encouragement," than I am with all of that pressure.

There are so many things about a "do this many X in 30 days," and "run Y times in one week" that really, frankly, mess me up. They mess up my concept of do I want to do this, or do I feel like I have to do this? They mess me up with guilt - loads and loads of guilt - that is just so pointless.

I get it though. Who doesn't love that accomplished feeling? Who doesn't love to feel like, heck yeah I did it?!

I love that too.

I just love that showing up to take care of this brain, and this heart, is easier when I'm showing up for my body because I want to.

Not because of a calendar, or a prize, or incentive, or whatever.

Me, physically enjoying my life, that's the incentive.

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