Miss Vermont 2019

Former life is no longer weird, and I love that.

It used to be that I felt out of place, and I don't know, wildly unliked. (That part is still true for some folks, but hey, not everyone can be nice and that's okay.) I used to feel like I didn't belong and that anything I would do or say would be the wrong thing.

Honestly, I felt that way even when I gave up my title.

This year, I finally finally finally felt fine.

I mean, there were some weird parts. There was some awkwardness from the people that aren't big fans of mine.

But it was fun. And I decided, "hell with them!" And I just embraced celebrating my sister, despite the weird stuff.

And also, I felt damn good in my dress. That helps.

I know that as time goes on the way I feel about these things will continue to evolve.

But I love this program, this sisterhood, this dream, the power that is behind the Miss Vermont Organization. So, heck yes I want to keep being there. And heck yes, I want to keep supporting these girls.

You know what we always say!

There is not just one Miss Vermont on that stage on competition night!

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