And In The End...

The last three weeks of school were amazing. Out of this world. The most fun of the year.

Because I tried something different. Because I met new people. Because I stopped focusing on everything bad that had happened and just went for it.

Because of all that, I walked away from school loving it. I walked away missing people. And now, only a week out, I miss it. I miss the people. I miss living with 1200 other people my age. I miss my routine.

While I know I will miss home in the fall, I also know I will be happy to go back. I am so incredibly proud of myself for making it through the year. I am so proud that I stuck it out, that I just kept waking up each morning and pushing through the day. Because I could, I did. And the reward was... it was something I never expected.

I expected to leave for home on that last day and thank God that I was doing so. I expected to cry about going back within days of being home. I expected to transfer. I never expected to love my life there. I never expected to be happy. But I am.

Maybe next year will be different. Maybe the first year is the hardest. And maybe, just maybe, college can be the time of your life.

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