Job Requirements: Champagne & Cake

I didn’t think in May that come October, I was going to be able to say, “I just made it through a marathon summer of weddings.” But I can. That is exactly what I just did. 

How wonderful that it took me the summer, and the month of September with five weddings, to realize that I am doing exactly what I want to be doing. It looks different than I expected it would. The brides aren’t clients that come to me because of my style, or design aesthetic. The venues aren’t airy, and lush, and green, and ever-changing. The staff isn’t a handful of young creatives.


The couples are wonderful, genuine, Vermont-loving people. The venue is steadfast, and I know it will never rain in the ballroom. The staff is phenomenal, and a true team, and relentlessly hardworking. 

It looks so different. It looks so wonderful. 

I never expected to work at The Hotel, and certainly not for nearly 18 months. I think though, it was the best choice I could have made. I worried that it would be like school, that I would regret it, and it would leave me feeling stuck, and unfulfilled. That is so not the case. I don’t regret it. I don’t resent it.

Being at The Hotel has opened so many doors for me. It has allowed me so many ways to learn, and grow, and become the kind of coordinator I want to be on a technical level.

This job is not the dream job. 

But damn, who has their dream job at 23?

Aren’t I just as lucky to be learning from people that are doing what I want to do? Aren’t I just as lucky to be in this field, to be working this job? Even when it’s not in the south, even when it’s not my own business, even when it’s not the big vision yet?

In retrospect, I wish I could have appreciated it this much through all of the last five or six months. I’m so happy with where I am going professionally. It’s not the easiest situation. It’s not going to make me a millionaire. But I am doing it. I am a wedding planner. I plan weddings. You guys, I’m taking inquiries for 2016. What?!

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