Somewhat New Room Tour

Piecing together my first apartment - aside from that...unique...Colby-Sawyer experience - began shortly after we signed our lease. I had a pretty clear idea of what I liked, and a pretty tight budget. Nearly six months later, here we are. And I am in love

Whim, by Martha Stewart.
I have a few favorite finds in my room, and this is one of them. I grabbed these on wicked sale from Macy's. 

A few things happened the day I moved in. First of all, it went really seamlessly. Which, considering the stress of well, moving, is actually really impressive. The biggest hitch was the mattress delivery. Which ended up happening a day later than expected - leaving me spending the night at a friend's.

Still one of the best gifts I've ever received. Thanks, Jess.
The worst part of that, was the next morning. Someone wonderful, and dear to me, someone who has literally shaped my life, and me as a person, passed away. I woke up to that phone call. Before I even got out of bed. Before I even got breakfast. And I left to head to a nearly empty apartment. One good shower cry and maybe twenty minutes later, by the sheer grace of God, my mattress arrived. 

I spent that day in bed. 

I love my bed, I love sleep. But there are times like that, when I need my bed. And I'm so glad that it came together perfectly in this room.

A few more wonderful things... like the gold dots above my windows, and the white tassel curtains, and my Rs above my two door closet. It's all really quite dreamy. 

Like any slightly make-up obsessed girl, I essentially only use my desk for makeup. Please note, two princess cups and a Lilly- monogrammed brush holder. Sometimes I just stare at it, because I love all that make-up (an embarrassing amount of which is not pictured.)

Overall, it's small, it's not perfect. But it's so white, and also gold, and sparkly, and filled with Lilly. I love it. I love that it is so completely me. I love that it feels exactly like home. Really, I love it all. 

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