Lift. Tone. (Grimace.) Burn.

Alright, let's talk about my butt.

Wait. Actually, let's talk about what Pure Barre has been doing for my butt. 

I know you've heard about barre classes. They're telling you it's a little like pilates, but mixed with muscle burning death and occasionally a dash of self-loathing? Yes, that Pure Barre.

Well, I went to my first class in June, and I can't quit it. I just finished a challenge this month, 23 classes in 35 days. And oh my heck, I think I love it even more.

It's low intensity, high reward. It makes your muscles shake like crazy, and I usually walk out having sweat like a monster. But I'm not kidding when I tell you my seat* is so thankful.

*fancy lady-like PB word for butt

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While I am totally recommending this to just about everyone I know, it is hard. Every class is work. Every class is full body training. This is intentional training. Literally some of the movements are the "length of a paperclip." However, I would say, if you're doing right, and you're doing it consistently, you are absolutely going to see results.

Basically, you should try it. And if you're nervous, come with me. I'm almost always there

Fair to note, this was from my 4th class ever.And I'm the only one with my legs lowered. Champ.

Let me say this, you should try Pure Barre if....'re looking to tone, and switch up your current routine.'ve experienced knee/back/hip pain with other muscle building exercises and need an effective but low-impact option.'re looking to join an awesome community of super dedicated people. want to hang out with me more and realize that basically all I do is work and go to the gym. want a nice looking butt.

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