Top 8 Songs on My Running Playlist

After running only a couple of times last month - hey, barre challenges are no joke - I took some time this week to pull together a new playlist as I get back to the treadmill. Yes, I run on a treadmill. I prefer to look at the Food Network instead nature when I run.

I thought I would share the top eight songs I just had to have on that playlist. Because, guys, nothing will make you run faster than a damn catchy chorus.

1. Black Magic - Little Mix.
Honestly. Try not to breakout into a treadmill dance on this one. Just try.

2. Stitches - Shawn Mendes.
Maybe not a typical song for a run, but holy moly he's is catchy.

3. On My Mind - Ellie Goulding.
Literally nothing like a revenge song to make you crank up the speed.

4. Love Myself - Hailee Steinfeld.
When you hit the top of the third mile, and you need another push, this is the song.

5. Sledgehammer - Fifth Harmony.
I know this one is a little old. And another girl band. But come on.

6. Want To Want Me - Jason Derulo.
I listen to this song every day. It's an alarm on my phone. Just try this one.

7. Levels - Nick Jonas.
Wait, did you really think I wasn't going to pick a Jonas song?

8. Shake It Off - Taylor Swift.
You are lying to yourself if this isn't already in your gym playlist. (Bonus points for Bad Blood.)

There you have it! I threw in about 50 others, you know, for variety. But let me know if I missed one that pushes you to go that extra five minutes...because sometimes Ina just isn't convincing enough.

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