Just a Little Lost

Sometimes when you are in-between a happy place and a very unhappy place, you get a little lost.

I've been a little lost. It's been a little bit like floating around waiting for something really wonderful or really horrible to happen.

Like maybe Nick Jonas is going to waltz in to my life and propose?

But also maybe I'll get side-swiped on the interstate today?

The thing about being lost like this is it's very constant. It's very heavy. It very much leaves you wanting to invest in blankets, and a lot of coffee. It leaves you thinking you'd like to crack open a tub of Ben & Jerry's and not look back, but then you remember you don't have an appetite. It leaves you craving people, and then you remember you just want to be quietly alone. It's very weird to be lost.

The other thing about being lost, it's important to get through it. It's important to give yourself the room to invest in coffee, and wear the same sweatshirt for three days.

So, if you're a little lost this week too, or maybe you just want to come back this when your lost, I have some suggestions:

Drive extra far to get the extra delicious bagel.

Buy yourself some face masks, don't save them just for the sake of saving them.

Clean your bedding. Then get back in bed. Clean sheets are good for the soul.

Leave room for a good nap, a no-guilt good nap.

Get some raspberries, or strawberries, or fruit that maybe is just too pricey in the winter. Eat it all.

Find that awesome song on iTunes, play it really loud, leave it on repeat.

Maybe most importantly, just give yourself some time. I've been this kind of lost before. I'll be this kind of lost again. You just have to keep waiting, you know, for the good thing or the bad thing to happen. It will happen, and you'll make it through that too.

In the meantime, drink your coffee, embrace the quiet, and just keep getting up every morning and doing life. Slowly you will heal, you will find your way. Slowly the weight of being alone, or being not quite enough, it will lessen. Slowly, you won't be so lost.

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